March.12, 2021
Tax on Bonus Share List
अधिक जान्नुहोस्
July.15, 2020
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2077 Ashad 31(15 july 2020)
अधिक जान्नुहोस्

ब्यापार कर्जा


  • कार्यको पूँजी आवश्यकता व्यवसायमा वित्त पोषण।


1. Eligibility

  • New or existing business 

2. Business Type

  • Sole proprietorship firm, Partnership firm and Companies

3. Target Customer

  • Retail, Wholesale, Education, Health, Hospitality, Transportation, Automobiles, Construction, Manufacturing and any other production and service industry 

4. Loan amount

  • Minimum Loan amount: 1 lakhs

5. Interest rate

6. Collateral 

  • Fixed asset collateral, Land and Building

7. Nature of Facility

  • Revolving (OD)
  • Non-revolving(Term Loan)

8. Tenure

  • OD/Working capital loan shall be revolving in nature and will be provided for 1 year and shall be renewed on satisfactory performance
  •  Term Loan shall be non-revolving in nature and shall be provided for maximum 20 years

10. Repayment Modality

  • Interest of OD loan shall be monthly or quarterly
  •  EMI or EQI in case of Term Loan

आवश्यक कागजातहरू

  • Duly filled loan application form of bank
  • Photograph and Copy of citizenship of applicant and the guarantors
  • Copy of PAN certificate
  • Copy of registration of the business.
  • Last two years audited financial statement and three years projected financial statement
  • Latest tax clearance copy
  • MOA, AOA, Board minute if the borrower is company
  • Partnership deed, if borrower is partnership firm
  • Other related document as necessary

द्रुत र सजिलो पहुँच