March.06, 2020
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Blood Donation Program

Jyoti Bikash bank has organized a blood donation program on the occasion of its 11th anniversary program on Shrawan 9th, 2076. The program was held on the premises of the Main branch of the Bank. The blood donation program was organized with the support of Nepal Red Cross Society. 
More than 100 employees and the customers of the bank donated blood during the program. Jyoti Bikash Bank has always organized the blood donation program during its anniversary. Blood donation is important to maintain adequate blood supply in the community and comes handy to during time of need for people. 
With Jyoti Bikash Bank always endorsing the idea of giving back to the society and seeking out every opportunity to help the society, the bank has annually conducts the donation program and has continued the legacy during the 11th anniversary as well. 

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