March.12, 2021
Tax on Bonus Share List
अधिक जान्नुहोस्
July.15, 2020
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2077 Ashad 31(15 july 2020)
अधिक जान्नुहोस्

वंचित र लघुवित्त कर्जा


  • NRB द्वारा परिभाषित गरे बमोजिम क्षेत्र अन्तर्गत व्यापार र / वा कम लागतमा आवासमा वित्त पोषण।


  • Nature: May be revolving and renewable and also non-revolving and non-renewable.
  • Disbursement: Loan can be disbursed on full or partially.
  • Principal Repayment: Lump sum within expiry in case of revolving nature of loan.In equated installment basis (EMI/EQI) in case of non-revolving nature loan.
  • Interest Repayment: On monthly/quartel basis or on installment payment date.
  • Tenure: One year for revolving and maximum 5 years for installment basis loan.
  • Security: In case of BFIs, Assignment of Receivables & corporate guarantee and other as per NRB directives.

द्रुत र सजिलो पहुँच