March.06, 2020
12.75% Bonus Share Tax List
अधिक जान्नुहोस्

घर कर्जा

घर कर्जाको बारेमा


  • जग्गा र भवन / फ्ल्याटको खरिदमा वित्त पोषण, भवन / फ्ल्याटको निर्माण / नविकरण, भर्खरै खरीद गरिएको भवन / फ्ल्याटको प्रतिपूर्ति लागत, अन्य बैंक / एफआईको राम्रो घर कर्जा आदि।


  • Financing Ratio:  

    Subject to security coverage,

    -          Maximum 80% of the project cost in case of construction

    -          Maximum Rajinama Value or FMV value whichever is lower in case of outright purchase.

    -          Maximum 90% of renovation/extension cost.

    -          100% of loan o/s in case of takeovers.

  • Nature: Non revolving and non-renewable

  • Disbursement: In case of purchase full amount can be disbursed after completion of documentation and in case of construction phase wise disbursement.

  • Principal Repayment: Equated Monthly/Quarterly installment

  • Interest Repayment: On installment payment date

  • Tenure: Maximum 35 Years.

  • Security: Land and Building/ Land and other Intangible securities 

द्रुत र सजिलो पहुँच