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Interest rate in Fixed Deposit
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September.16, 2021
House rent notice
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August.15, 2021
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2078 Ashad 31(15 july 2021)
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Tax on Bonus Share List
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July.15, 2020
List of non‐operative account for 10 years as on 2077 Ashad 31(15 july 2020)
अधिक जान्नुहोस्

निक्षेपकर्ता सहभागी

Jyoti Bikash Bank Ltd. is registered & licensed Depository Participant provides easy, convenient & secure stock depository services for its valuable customer. We maintain separate BO(Demat) accounts and safeguard your financial investment instruments like share, bonds, government securities, mutual funds and other instrument listed on NEPSE. DP Services are available from all our branches.

Our Depository Participant Department offer/provide following services.

  1. Demat Account                                                                                                     
  2. Meroshare
  3. De-materialization & Re-materialization of listed securities
  4. Maintaining records of securities in electronic form
  5. Transfer of securities from/in BO accounts
  6. Electronic credit of securities such as IPOs, Bonus Shares, Right Shares
  7. Pledging of dematerialized securities and

Other services as per prevailing CDSC by laws.

The links for forms are as follows:

  1. Meroshare Application
  2. BO KYC For Account Operator
  3. Individual BO Account Opening Form
  4. Dematerialization Form


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